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DataBait shows guesses and predictions about you and your personality can be derived by analyzing your digital trail with smart software. In order to give you these insights, we collect, with your permission, data from your Facebook profile and (if you choose to install the browser plugin) data from your online surfing behaviour.

All (raw) data are safely stored in a database on the DataBait server where they are analyzed by Databait analytic software in order to investigate if it's possible for companies and institutions to derive insights about you and your personality from the raw data you (consciously and unconsciously) generate through your activities on the Internet. The DataBait analytic software can do a lot of things, like guessing what's depicted on a picture and extracting a mood from a bit of text (happy? sad?).

In the end, the derived data are used to present to you how third parties (such as trackers) might create a 'hidden profile' of you, which consists of features you might not even realize you disclosed on the Internet. All these derived data are stored in the DataBait database, always taking into account your data safety and personal anonymity (for more information see our FAQ)

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DataBait is the outcome of the European research project USEMP which ended on September 2016. DataBait is currently looking for new investment to continue the work. If you are interested in funding our work, please contact us bellow.

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